1. Automations
  2. CAM-2016


Generic Manipulators

The customer's request was to assemble small batches of circular connectors with pins and diameters up to 20 different sizes or combinations. The solution was a generic vibrator with a vision system integrated by us that allows you to recognize and take the pins, even if of different sizes and types, limiting the activities of changing production, to the emptying of the cup. A robot takes (and then places back finished) the circular connector from a pallet, picks up the pins one by one from the vibrator and composes the connector according to the strategy chosen in the recipe. The automation is completed by a second vision system that performs the centering of the connector and the verification of the correct positioning of the pins. The PLC of control manages multiple recipes where information referring to the connector, diameter, number of pins, mounting strategy and all information and actions in exchange with the customer's MES are indicated.