1. Prototyping
  2. CT-2021


The machine is designed to shoot the crash area during type approval collisions of different vehicles with high-speed cameras. The special feature of the system is the possibility of reproducing the same framing with a deviation of the order of a few millimeters at a distance of time and to prepare, in complete autonomy and in a few minutes, the scenario previously saved. As visible in the video published by Stellantis, six cameras are mounted on six robots of six-axis, while another seven cameras are mounted on three-axis solutions. The structure mounted on an aluminum truss support, once the video shooting has been carried out, leaves the area free by moving on the rails of the bridge crane up to its parking position. Complete the supply: the management software of the control room and the system, with automatic positioning, of led lighting. The software of direction manages the recipes of each vehicle where the positions of the individual cameras are indicated with the relative zoom levels, also providing the customer's MES with high-resolution footage of the 13 cameras synchronized to the millisecond.