1. Mixers



Polimat® CEELRA is a series of mixers for high flow rates with high head, recommended for oil and / or graphite. The suffix RA indicates the “Automatic Refill”. It is designed to directly serve the release agent spray nozzles located on the molds. A built-in 40L tank and a relaunch pump with 40m head of 1200L/h allow to send the graphite solution up to a pressure of 7bar. All models provide the possibility to automatically wash the pipes up to the nozzles to limit clogging.
The many options available allows to customize the mixer according to the needs of the client: the agitator that allows to keep the graphite in suspension over time, the additional booster pump that allows scheduled maintenance without interrupting production. Various alarms such as lack of air, water and product help to manage fluid supply anomalies with simplicity, management is carried out via PLC and remotely. This is the recommended model for use on multiple lines up to 900L/h at 30% concentration.